Time River Laboratory specializes in fine art handling, transportation, conservation, and collections management services.



Louis Goldich, Museum Consultant and Independent Registrar

Fine art collection database construction

Logo and website design

The Baseball Reliquary

Fine art photograhy and videography

Exhibition Installation

Supervised transportation and installation of a large, delicate model of Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, made of wood and cake pastry frosting by the pastry chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, from the artist's studio in Corona, CA to the Jackie Robinson Center, Pasadena, CA.

The Pacific Asia Museum

Produced (in conjunction with producer Sally Hoover) and directed televsion series "Asian Pacific Dialogue" which included exhibition video documentation.

The Howard Whalen Sculpture Garden

Volunteer curator of collections

Sculpture installation

The Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA

Hired on two occasions to performed major conservation on the five large wool tapestries outside the Grand Ballroom.

Gene & Marilyn Buchanan Properties

Performed conservation and cleaning of tapestry triptych in building foyer.

San Diego Museum of Art

Exhibition de-installation

Stephenson-Farrin Fiber Art Studio

Independent contractor for five years. Wove tapestries to specification including both production and custom designs. Worked on several 40 foot weavings. Tapestries hang in Hyatt Regency Hotels, Ramada Inns, Good Earth Restaurants, The Sands Hotel (Las Vegas), Caesar's Palace (Lake Tahoe), The Spokane International Airport, and others.

Jewelry design and fabrication

Art Center College of Design

Faculty member in the Academic Department. Lectured on psychology and science topics


Kevin Cloud Brechner also was an employee of Atthowe Fine Art Services, Oakland, California, 1980-85. and
Porter Transcontinental Trucking, Emeryville, California, 1985-87.
He possesses a Class A tractor-trailer driver's license with air brakes, double trailers, tank trailer, hazmat, and passengers endorsements.

Worldwide fine art transportation. Responsibilities included handling, packing, crating, conserving, and transporting works of fine art for major museums, galleries, and artists, including The Metropolitan Museum of New York City, The Museum of Modern Art, The Soloman Guggenheim Museum, The Smithsonian Institution, The National Gallery of Art, The Chicago Art Institute, The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Huntington Library and Art Gallery, The Los Angeles County Museums, and many others. He left Atthowe in 1985 when they sold their art trucking division to Porter International. He left Porter when they closed their art handling division in 1987.

He was responsible for many multi-million dollar shipments of original art, such as the dispersal of the Armand Hammer Collection that toured the Soviet Union and the Sidney Janis Collection that toured the United States. He personally handled original works by Ansel Adams, Bellini, Bosch, Cassatt, Dali, Degas, Da Vinci, Manet, Matisse, Monet, O'Keefe, Picasso, Rembrandt, Rodin, Toulous-Latrec, Van Gogh, Warhol, and many others. He also moved R2D2, Yoda, Chewbacca suit, and a collection of original Star Wars models. I have transported an Oscar award, Willie Shoemaker's Kentucky Derby and Preakness trophies, Jack Kramer's Wimbleton trophy, the top of the California State Capitol dome, original artwork from King Kong (1932), one of Scarlet O'Hara's dresses from Gone With The Wind, and Robert Redford's costume from Electric Horseman. Also am volunteer Curator and Conservator for the Howard Whalen Sculpture Garden, Sierra Madre, California. Packed and transported paintings and other fine art for the Baseball Reliquary exhibitions, including a delicate three foot replica of Ebbets Field made out cake frosting and wood, 2002-2003.




Fine Art


Kevin Cloud Brechner currently is working primarily with oil paints and pen and ink or pencil drawings, but in the past he has painted using many different painting media. In the 1980s and 90s, in addition to many flat paintings, he also did multiple experiments with three dimensional paintings that removed the line between painting and sculpture. Many of them included paints that were dried in molds and then assembled together and either attached to canvases or became free standing paint sculptures.

"I have been drawing and painting regularly since about age eight. Later, in the 5th grade, I was really inspired by my teacher, Ken Davis, in Edmonds, Washington. He was a great watercolor painter. I still have two of his works that he gave me."

Since then, he has produced thousands of oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, drawings, scuptures and photographs over the intervening years. His work has been shown in many group shows and he regularly donates work to silent auction fundraisers.

"The biggest influence on my art came when I moved in 1975 from Tempe, Arizona, to the Hotel Carver in Pasadena, California during Pasadena's "Art Era" of the 1960s to the mid-1980s. "Over a hundred artists, photographers, sculptors, writers, and musicians lived and/or worked in the Hotel Carver over the years included Ron Benom, Paul McCarthy, Elizabeth Hartman, Duane Waddell, Howard Whalen, El Chicano, Steve Gerber, Kathy Kauffman, Ed Harris, Marie Peckinpah, Gill Dennis, Pat Sims, James Mayner, Pat Helmuth, Robert Wagoner, Elanie Mueller, Herbie Lewis, Pat and Collie Valadez, Carl Zschering, Gail Stephenson, Don DeGroot, Helga DeKansky, Margo Farrin, John Martin, Betty McDade Dore, Milo Mudd, Mike Tracy, Bill Lane, and many others. All within a few blocks of the Hotel Carver in Old Town Pasadena, were the studios of Bruce Nauman, John Duncan, Barbara Smith, Susan Greiger, Lyn Foulkes, Peter Lodato, Jack Macintosh, Terry Cannon, Al Payne, Joe Ferris, Richard Jackson, Lloyd Hamerol, Nancy Buchanan, Paul Waszinc, Rachel Vaughn, Alan Kaprow, Cheri Gaulkie, Gordon Thorpe, Marsia Alexander, Doug Bond, Judy Chicago, Don Sorenson, and hundreds of others.

"Being around all these active artists really influenced me, and kicked my own art into massive high gear. Ron Benom and Al Payne, in particular, really gave me a major injection of modern art history that I had been missing. 'Painting is dead,' Ron Benom had said, and he made a good case for it and why all the artists were now inventing performance art. But somehow I didn't believe that I couldn't still make a few painting contributions, even if it was 'dead.'"

The second greatest influence his own art was a seven year career as a fine art handler for Atthowe Fine Art Services of Oakland, CA and later Porter Transcontinental Trucking of Emoryville, CA. "Thanks again to Al Payne, I got to drive trucks cross country going from museum to museum to artists' studios, to collectors' homes, to art galleries." What better art history lesson than to get to personally handle shipments of art works by Bosch, Dali, Stella, Titian, Rodin, Van Gogh, Toulous Latrec, Warhol, Burden, Oldenburg, Cassatt, Rembrandt, and hundreds of others? "I learned a lot about materials, how other artists used their studios, and how museums displayed, cared for, and stored works. And I learned how to move artwork safely from one place to another. Scott Atthowe his company are the best there is."

"I tried for many years not to have a style: To make each work so different that no one would think any two of the pieces were by the same artist. After a while, though, I ultimately could not escape developing my own style, particularly with the drawings. Oh, well."

In 2005 he took a series of classes in Renaissance Painting Techniques from Sylvana Barrett at the Huntington Art Museum. "She sent me off in a totally new direction. I have recently been experimenting with using Renaissance techniques to paint abstract and semi-abstract paintings. I am enrolled in her new class in 15th & 16th Century Dutch Flower Painting and expect that to change the way I have been painting floral subjects."

"I like to paint on about 8 to 10 pictures at the same time. That way I don't waste any left over paint. It also makes paintings done at the same time all have the same colors. Some of them take years to complete."